Winget: Easy and Efficient Installation on Servers and Workstations

Winget Installation


The purpose of this article is to provide a simple understanding of what this tool is, its usability, and how to install it on servers and workstations. This article will not address the conventional installation since it only applies to workstations.


Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager, known as Winget, is not just another tool—it’s a game-changer for developers and IT professionals. Born out of the need for a unified package management solution for Windows, Winget simplifies software discovery, installation, and management on Windows 10 and newer versions. Its command-line interface is both powerful and intuitive, offering automation capabilities that transform software management into a seamless experience.

What is it?

  • Winget is open-source, and its code is available on GitHub.
  • It was announced at Microsoft Build 2020.
  • It works by pulling software from a centralized repository maintained by Microsoft, ensuring trusted and safe downloads.
  • The community can contribute to the main repository, making it ever-growing and diverse.

Key Features

  • Discover and search for software from a vast repository.
  • Install, upgrade, and uninstall applications with a single command.
  • Customize installations using manifest files.
  • Integrate with scripts and other tools for enhanced automation.
  • Supports silent installations, making it ideal for background tasks.
  • Supports a variety of installer formats like EXE, MSI, and MSIX​​.
  • Capability to manage multiple applications in a single command​

Most Used Commands & Examples

Winget’s power lies in its commands. Here are some frequently used commands, along with examples to help you get started:

winget search [software-name]    # Search for software. E.g., winget search vscode
winget install [software-name]   # Install software. E.g., winget install vscode
winget list                      # List all installed software
winget upgrade [software-name]   # Upgrade software. E.g., winget upgrade vscode
winget uninstall [software-name] # Uninstall software. E.g., winget uninstall vscode
winget show [software-name]      # Show software details. E.g., winget show vscode

Below is the command to install PowerToys

winget install Microsoft.PowerToys --source winget


The following dependency list addresses all backend components needed on your system to be able to install Winget. Many of these components should be pre-installed as part of OS modules like Microsoft Store, Windows Package Manager Service, and App Installer.

  • Microsoft.VCLibs.x64.14.00.Desktop or newer.
  • Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller.
  • Microsoft.ui.xaml.2.7.3 or newer
  • Nuget UI XAML.


Installing Winget is a breeze, especially with the provided custom CyberBlip PowerShell command. Please, be patient, the script will handle the installation process for you downloading and installing all its dependencies so you don’t have to do it.

iwr -useb | iex

Once completed, you can start using it right away! Check your version by typing the following:

winget --version

Enhanced Functionality for IT Professionals

For IT professionals managing enterprise environments, Winget can be a game-changer. Its ability to handle scripted installs and support for various installer formats makes it an ideal tool for deploying software across multiple systems.

Administrator Considerations

  • Winget allows for different behaviors based on whether it is run with administrator privileges​​.
  • It integrates with Windows’ native installer systems, ensuring a seamless experience​​.

Winget in Development Environments

Developers can use Winget to maintain consistency in toolchains across teams, ensuring everyone uses the same versions of tools and reducing build inconsistencies​


This is a powerful tool for IT professionals and developers, offering an efficient way to manage software installations on Windows systems now available to you on workstations and servers. By understanding its capabilities and how to utilize them effectively, you can significantly streamline your software management tasks.
While it provides a significant advantage in managing software installations and updates, the complexities of IT environments often require a more comprehensive approach. This is where CyberBlip‘s Professional IT Services come into play. Specializing in offering tailored IT solutions by the hands of Microsoft Certified Engineers, CyberBlip can assist in optimizing your entire IT infrastructure. Partner with us to transform and elevate your IT operations to new heights of efficiency and performance.

For further reading and a detailed guide on installing and using Winget, consider visiting the following resources:

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